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B2 'Pool' Indigo Print.


Pool. Colour. Art Print.

A unique digital art print of a Pool in B2.

Shipping UK & Worldwide. 

B2 Indigo Print - 700mm High by 500mm Wide

Full Colour.


270gsm Juno matt Textured Fine Art Paper.

Fast delivery – shop today.


Indigo Prints - A much cheaper digital Print. A digital press that uses "ElectroInk" which is a liquid toner, while traditional printing is done with an offset press and uses liquid ink.

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About RUDE

We are Graphic Artists and a London based design, illustration and animation studio. We opened our doors in 1998 and have since grown a great arts based client list over those years. Rupert specialises in hand drawn fonts and bespoke artwork whilst Abi heads up mural comissions and our animation department.

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